4 Efficient Ways to Improve Your Front Door Security

4 Efficient Ways to Improve Your Front Door Security

When choosing windows and doors for your home it is important to think of the security – especially front door security is important. Here are the basics you need to know to secure your home

4 Efficient Ways to Improve Your Front Door Security

There are many ways to secure your front door and your home in general, but in this article, you will find the most important and efficient ways to do so.

1) Upgrade the Locks

A door is only as strong as its locks. The locks you use on your front door is, therefore, the most foundational part when it comes to securing the entrance of your home. How secure locks are can vary a lot in terms of the quality? For that reason, it is important that you choose the right lock or to upgrade the current lock.

Maybe you think that you do not want to spend money on a new door or a new lock if there is nothing wrong with the current solution. But think about want can happen if you do not change the lock – the damage will cost you a lot more. If you are having doubt about the level of security of the locks, ask a professional to help you check it.

2) Choose a Door Without a Window

Front doors with windows make it easy for you to see who is about to enter the door. However, this also means that you make it easier for the burglar to break into your house. With a window placed close to the lock the burglar can easily smash the window and unlock the door from inside.

When installing a new front door, you should choose one without a window to be sure. But if you already have a front door with a window, you will need to take some extra security measures. For example, you can choose reinforced glass and add metal reinforcement, or if it is possible to install an extra lock at floor level, where the burglar cannot reach it.

3) Light up the Entrance Area

When it comes to securing your home, it is not only the front door you need to focus on but the entire entrance area. For example, you can make sure that there are no trees and bushes where the burglar can lie and wait for the right moment to break into the house.

Also, installing light by the entrance area is a great way to scare the burglars away. For example, you can install a lightening system that lights up the entire entrance area whenever a person arrives at the house.

4) Install an Even Better Door

You might think that your current front door is all right as it is, but to be certain the best way is to find a new front door with the best security features. VELFAC is known for their high-quality solutions with great security features – within both doors and windows. No matter which front door you choose, all the doors have been awarded ‘Secured by Design’ accreditation.

With a secured front door, you get an extremely solid door with high-security features that makes it very difficult for burglars to break in. Also, you get a complete solution and do not have to worry about the door lock’s level of security, installing an extra lock etc.

Find the perfect secured front door for your house and keep both your home and family safe.

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