Have You Seen the New and Re-designed Ceiling Fans?

Have You Seen the New and Re-designed Ceiling Fans?

If you haven’t seen modernly designed ceiling fans, you owe it to yourself to go into a ceiling fan store and browse around because current ceiling fans are innovated and not like the ceiling fans of old. Or just explore the world of new and modern ceiling fans on the internet.

Have You Seen the New and Re-designed Ceiling Fans?


First, if you want to buy, know what you want in a ceiling fan such as:

  • Temperature comfort
  • Energy efficiency
  • Light source
  • Aesthetics
  • Temperature Comfort

The major reason for having a ceiling fan for most people is temperature control. The modern ceiling fans have the latest in technology in air circulation to help in achieving optimal temperatures inside a house or room. It will make a cool room cooler and a warm room a little warmer. Often, you will not need to use your air conditioning or heating as the ceiling fan will be enough for comfort.

Energy efficiency

Modern ceiling fans use less energy than central air conditioning or heating/air conditioning unit, manufactured with a more eco-friendly selection for keeping the ideal temperatures at home or at a business office.

Source of light

The contemporary fans with a light source offer twice the functionality of a single fan because they support both the comfort level and atmosphere of a room.


Modern and energy-efficient fans are far from the outdated ceiling fans, offering new and best-looking selections in modern/contemporary design. If you have a modern room, you can find a metal blade ceiling fan that matches your modern design and color of your furniture. One place online to look is ModernFanOutlet.com.

Modern innovations

Innovation has come to the modern ceiling fan industry so there is a range of sophisticated modern ceiling fans that have been re-designed for both the commercial and domestic sector. They are manufactured to meet high industry standards and are available in a range of the most elegant designs as well as made with the finest materials.

Gone are the days of wooden blades that are so very boring. Look up and you will see blades that curve up and are made from a plethora of materials. And many of them will have some sort of lighting fixture on them – many using an integrated LED.

Outdoor ceiling fans

The newest innovation is Outdoor Ceiling Fans that make your outdoor living space more enjoyable. There are two ratings:

  • Damp rated outdoor ceiling
  • Wet rated exterior ceiling fan

These ratings depend on the location outside of your home where you will be installing your outdoor ceiling fan. If you are installing one on a porch that is covered or a covered deck, you need to look for UL Damp Rated ceiling fan. If the location is one with an open roofed pergola or another area where it can get direct rainfall coming down, you will need a UL Wet Rated Outdoor ceiling fan.

The differences between these two types of fans are the way the motor and areas where the other electrical components are sealed and in some case the type of blades being used.

Candlelit ceiling fan

Modern ceiling fans have not abandoned the centuries of magic and charisma. For example, the candlelit ceiling fan uses amazing technology with LED lights to simulate the flicker of real candles.

Silent and elegant

With its quiet whir and stylish design, today’s fans have the potential to be as exotic and seductive as ever. The ceiling fan has progressed beyond its capacity to fan a person. The technology today is amazing as well as innovating.

Make a statement

The modern ceiling fan has become in some cases the statement piece for a well-designed room. This is because with the changes in ceiling fans – you can now decorate your furniture and colors to match the look and style of your ceiling fan, instead of the other way around.

Tropical look

If you have a Tropical looking ceiling fan in your family room – decorate the room to match the tropical look of that ceiling fan. Or what would be better, than a tropical ceiling fan for the outdoors?

We have entered a time when ceiling fans not only make a room more comfortable and save money on electric bills; they also can be statement pieces in designing any room in your home.

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