The Most Popular Vinyl Siding Colors

The Most Popular Vinyl Siding Colors

The vinyl siding building material is continuing to gain popularity tremendously. This is because it is durable, affordable, requires minimum maintenance, and it is also easy to install. There are so many vinyl siding colors to choose from. The siding color that you choose will depend on your preference, the manufacturer of the vinyl, or the person you select for installation.

The Most Popular Vinyl Siding Colors

Some homeowners install vinyl siding by them or hire a professional to install them. But whichever way you install the vinyl siding, here are some colors that you can choose when building or upgrading your home.

Coastal Blue

Coastal blue has become a very popular color over the past few years. When compared with other neutral shades, blue may appear a bold color, but it brings some soothing connotations, creating a sense of peace and serenity for the viewers. Coastal blue, when combined with crisp white trim, brings a sense of peace that visitors experience when viewing a sea.

Desert Tan

Neutral colors are universally favorite no matter where you come from, religion or the architectural design of your house. The good thing with neutral colors is that they tend to blend well with the surroundings, so they can look perfect in a neighborhood with different colors or styles without crashing or creating unnecessary attention to the property. Desert Tan being a neutral color, also blends well with different colors like green shutters.

Forest green

Forest green colors are very popular in rural areas or the north because it tends to match with the nature that surrounds them. Forest Green works perfectly well for homes that need bold accents like a red front door or a black shutter. It also goes well with the color of trees in mid-summer.


Gray for the longest time has been one of the neutral colors that everybody loves. Anybody that loves neutral, but isn’t wild about shades of cream or tan can like the rich beauty of grays like Flagstone. Flagstone pairs well with black and white. It also blends well with a red door pop, or it can be used as a background for a blue theme as well.

Linen White

In many areas of New England and other coastal areas, you will find many homes in light and white colors. Linen white is an ideal background color to create a classy and subtle home. If paired with black shutters or red door, it can make a home warmer and approachable.


Because gray shades are increasing in popularity, the shades that blend with it as tan has also grown. In the end colors similar to Hearthstone has been created. Hearthstone is warm, and a rich color that is almost similar to gray. This color pairs well with other accent colors like red, green, cream, and orange which makes it a versatile color that works perfectly well for many homes.

Light Maple

Light and natural colors are also popular in many areas especially in New England and many parts of the North. These colors include colors like Light Maple which is similar to the color of heartwood which is found in a maple tree that has been cut open. Light Maple can look stunning in homes that have more great accents. You can use this color as the base for the shutters, doors, or trim to create a unique colorway.

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