4 Ways to Incorporate a Little Futuristic Minimalism Into Your Home

4 Ways to Incorporate a Little Futuristic Minimalism Into Your Home

We all know exactly how popular and stylish minimalism is right now, mainly from the success of a certain Scandinavian furniture retailer. Scandi design has definitely taken over the world, and the biggest focus has always been decluttering, minimalist stark design, all coupled with a certain homeliness.

4 Ways to Incorporate a Little Futuristic Minimalism Into Your Home

All that remains very fashionable for homes all over the globe, but that whole futuristic minimalism goes a little further than simple de-cluttering. There’s a lot of different elements and things you can change or add to your home in order to get it looking altogether sharper and more modern while retaining that homely, welcoming edge. Here’s a few of them!

Lighting is Always Going to Be Key

With some simple changes to the lighting of a room, you can turn it from a dingy cell, into a minimalist masterpiece, with few other changes required. If your home doesn’t get too much natural light, one of the best places to start is going to be by getting in some quality bright LED lighting to sharpen the place up.

If you’ve got dark walls, no amount of skillful lighting is going to remedy that. You need bright, pastel shades to reflect the light and prevent your rooms from looking small and dingy. One feature wall is okay, but you need bright shades to reflect the light.

Quality Furniture

The problem with cheap mass-produced furniture is that while at first, it looks pretty good, after a little wear and tear, it quickly starts to look tired and cheap. That’s why if you really want the room to look the way you want it to, you need quality furniture that’s going to last and look right. You need furniture in fashion, but also in solid quality.

The Right Furniture

Picking quality furniture is a solid step in the right direction, but you have to make sure you’re picking the right furniture. Even incredibly good quality, modern furniture can look dated in the wrong room. You need to pick the right furniture for your rooms.

That’s no easy task either! Just shop around, don’t be afraid to spend money, or return items when they don’t look right. Make a Pinterest board, and really develop your ideas for your home and room.

It’s really just a case of trial and error, and never settling on something that doesn’t look quite right. The sooner you get started, the sooner your home is going to be looking absolutely amazing!

The glass is Very In

If there’s one easy tip I can give you that almost always works, it’s that glass furniture is almost always right. It’s a rare room that some quality glass furniture doesn’t compliment wonderfully. Glass can be ultra-modern, and absolutely gorgeous, especially when paired with some softer elements.

If you don’t believe me, try out a glass dining table and chairs. You’ll see what I mean. It’s going to look stylish, modern, fashionable and best of all, welcoming. Get ready to have the home of your dreams.

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