Incorporating Antique Furniture Into Your Bedroom

Incorporating Antique Furniture Into Your Bedroom

It is a common misconception that antique furniture has no place in a modern or contemporary setting. In fact, many noted interior designers use Victorian or French period pieces. Mixing antique and vintage into modern room settings is all about trial and error, and with a French period mirror, you can enhance any bedroom. Hat stands, lighting and other attractive accessories will be interesting pieces to add in the room, especially in the boudoir, and with something like a walnut cabinet, one can add real depth and perception to the room.

Incorporating Antique Furniture Into Your Bedroom


Antique crystal chandeliers will transform the room and add that touch of elegance, while Edwardian bedside lamps give the bed a balanced look. Of course, it does work the other way round, with modern lighting illuminating antique furniture and with stylish LED fittings, the right ambiance can be created. The concept of blending old with new can work, yet don’t overdo it, especially with the lighting. You can also check a useful guide to effective bedroom lighting online that offers several unique ideas on ambient lighting in the bedroom.

Mahogany Wardrobes

The Georgian style of dark brown mahogany wardrobes blend in with any modern setting and with a matching coffee table and modern chairs, you have a visually pleasing combination. Antique wardrobes come in all shapes and sizes, and if you take your time and browse the many online antique dealer websites, you’ll be surprised at the variety, and the chances are, there will be one that is perfect for your bedroom.

Brass Four Poster Bed

An intricate brass four poster bed will give a modern bedroom some character and most certainly won’t look out of place. A sturdy timber four poster is another possibility, which can be elegantly draped with lace, making it the focal point of the room. Opting for a four poster antique bed might be a little too much if the room has a contemporary look, yet there are some great examples in popular online magazines that demonstrate how to blend the old with the new.

Choose Selectively

Careful selection of antique items is the key to a well-balanced look, and the Internet is the perfect tool for both browsing and sourcing the right pieces, with respected online dealers of beautiful antique furniture who will deliver to your door. If you spend some time browsing online antique dealers’ websites, you are sure to find a few pieces that look right in your bedroom and by using your imagination, you can get a clear picture of how a specific antique item will look.

Mirrors and other accessories that are antique can certainly bring a touch of character to a contemporary setting, with Victorian and French styles particularly suitable. By forging an alliance with your local antique dealer, you can source any items you have in mind. Antique art is also something to consider, as this will bring some color and depth to bare expanses of wall, but whatever you decide, if it works for you, then why not?

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