A Guide in Choosing a Storage Facility

When hiring a moving company to move your items you have to ask yourself, what does de-cluttering, and business storage have in common? Two words: storage facility. Home and business owners are often faced with a bulk of items that they cannot just throw away or that they are not yet ready to part with just yet – it may be an antique collection, furniture sets which are too bulky for the new home, or business documents which need to be stored.

A Guide in Choosing a Storage Facility

Recognizing the need for professional storage service like storage units Corpus Christi, storage facilities started opening its doors to homeowners and business owners alike. They are often associated or affiliated with moving companies and can also offer pick-up and delivery of the goods to and from their storage facility.

As with any other service, it is important to choose the right storage facility. Here is your checklist:

Rental costs – Renting a storage service or getting a self-storage can be costly. The rental term can be monthly, quarterly, or annually. It is preferable to sign up with a facility where the rental costs are protected from the sudden price increase. When signing up for a long-term lease, it is also a common practice to ask for discounted deals. Moving companies also provide storage options.

Storage conditions versus cost. It is not enough to scout for the cheaper service. It is better to compare storage facilities in terms of the sizes of their storage, the climate, and cleanliness. There are self-storage facilities that offer closets or lockers at the same price as the smallest rooms in other storage services. It is also important to inquire about the air-conditioning systems in the facility especially when storing goods for long periods of time. Poor air circulation, dust, and pollution can contribute to the degradation of items on storage.

Security – Sure there are security guards around the facility, but today’s security risks are far too shrewd to find ways to jump the fence even with these sentries. Key cards, surveillance cameras, and biometric systems are just some of the modern ways for a company to ensure the security of its customers and the items in their storage. Paying extra for these modern security measures will be worth the assurance that your things are safe and secure.

Customer support – Sign up with a company with good customer support. After paying for the rent and storing the items in the facility, it is important to have someone to speak with in case of further inquiries and concerns. Customer relations professionals are able to take down and execute instructions from renters regardless of the latter’s location. They are also attentive to the needs of the client and can offer suggestions to solve any problem that may arise during the term of the lease.

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