How to Declutter Your Home

How to Declutter Your Home

Clutter is a problem many people experience in their homes. As our lives go on, circumstances change; what we bought a year or two ago may no longer be needed now. You might have had a baby, but now they’re 4 years old, and you don’t need their baby changing table anymore. But it’s still sitting in storage because you ‘might need it’.

How to Declutter Your Home

People seem to constantly buy more items (whether they need them or not), but how often do you ever actually throw things away?

You might find your home becoming gradually more and more cluttered, as you’re becoming more and more frustrated with it. You can no longer relax in your home.

But sorting everything out is very daunting, and you have no idea where to start. Read these tips to help you get rid of your clutter, and create a more relaxing home environment.

Take a Room or Item at a Time

Instead of attempting to tackle the whole house in one day, start with a room at a time. If even this is too much, start with a corner of the room, or a particularly bad area. You might have been meaning to sort through your wardrobe for a long time, so don’t do the whole bedroom; start with the wardrobe.

Splitting a big job up into much more manageable pieces makes it less daunting, and you might actually get more done.

Perhaps you have a CD rack full of CDs that you don’t listen to anymore because music is mostly online. You could spend time downloading all your CDs to the computer and get rid of the hard copies (or put them in storage in the loft if you think they’ll be valuable in years to come).

Be Organised

Don’t just have a throwout pile. Really think about the items and where you’re putting them. Will your parents find those garden shears useful, or would a neighbor like to have them? Have a ‘Keep’ pile, as well as ‘Throw Out’, ‘Give to Charity’, ‘Storage’ and ‘Relocate’ piles.

Don’t put off going to the charity shop. Take anything you’ve set aside for charity that day, otherwise, it’ll sit by the front door for weeks, still cluttering your home.

Throw out any duplicated items—you’ve got 3 salt and pepper sets—and just keep one of everything.

Do you have any items that are still in their original packaging, like a T-shirt you’ve never worn that’s still got the tag on? This kind of item would do as a birthday present, so think about who’s got an upcoming birthday, or if Christmas is around the corner.

Be inventive with the ways in which you can get rid of items without just putting them in the rubbish pile.

Keep On Top Of It

If you don’t regularly sort out your home, the clutter will build up again. If you throw out an electrical item, throw out the chargers and accessories that came with it. Throw one book or DVD out before buying another one.

If you bought a pair of shoes, wore them once, and found them to be really uncomfortable, throw them out. You won’t wear them again if you can’t walk in them.

It can be very easy to sort out your clutter and keep on top of it, too. Just remember to be strict with yourself, and you’ll find the process much easier.

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