Custom Plaster Designs for Your Home

Custom Plaster Designs for Your Home

Everyone aims to be original. Not a single homeowner out there wants the exact same design that everyone out there already has. Yet, when we go shopping for new decor, we often find that these items are mass produced. Instead of getting an item that is custom designed and original for our home, we pick up an item thousands of homes already have. This can be quite disheartening, but working with a company who specializes in plaster molding presents a unique solution.

Custom Plaster Designs for Your Home

Customer Plaster Designs

Contacting a company that deals in plaster molds in Glasgow can help prevent the lack of originality that currently exists in our homes. These companies can talk with us, listen to our design ideas and styles, and create custom plaster designs and molds to fit our needs and preferences. This way, you avoid going to someone’s home and finding they have the exact same decor that is adorning your own walls.

What Kinds of Designs Can I Get?

Plaster companies might deal with making such things like cornices, ceiling roses, fire surrounds, columns, and arches. All of these designs add an individual flair, charm, and elegance to your home.

Cornices are plaster pieces that typically adorn the walls of a room. These moldings are typically just below the ceiling and are ornamental in nature. Cornices add ornamental value to the home. Arches and columns made from plaster also add ornamental value. Arches, in particular, produce a unique focal point for the room and gives it a rustic, old-fashioned feel. The elegance of these pieces increases the value of the home because they make your interior look elegant and well taken care of.

Ceiling roses are also an interesting design. These provide a decorating element but offer an interesting history. Originally, ceiling roses were affixed to the ceiling, most commonly above meeting tables. If a ceiling rose hangs above a meeting table, it meant the people at the table could speak freely without fearing punishment. Even though they may be used to add additional beauty to your home nowadays, the ceiling rose’s history might be a great way to start a conversation at the dinner table.

Plaster fire surrounds also present a great option. These offer a traditional, cozy feel while providing an added bonus to homeowners. Plaster has long been used for fireplaces, and one reason why homeowners love it so much is that it is easy to paint. Though painting is always recommended before affixing it to the wall, plaster holds onto paint well, so if you’re thinking of having a pop of color in your room, your fireplace might be your best place to do it.

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