Cheap and Easy Fixes for Your Hvac System That Will Save You Money

Cheap and Easy Fixes for Your Hvac System That Will Save You Money

If your Air conditioner is not working, there are several simple procedures you would need to follow that can save you a great deal.

Cheap and Easy Fixes for Your Hvac System That Will Save You Money

The first thing to check is the registers ensuring it is open. Then be sure the filter furnace is clean. Then go outside and clean up the condenser coils. If several registers were closed or the filter was clogged, the reduced air force could have caused the evaporator coil to ice up and stop cooling your home. If you have changed the filter and opened all the registers and you are not still getting airflow, check the register device’s the air coil.

Move the thermostat mode from cooling to off and move the fan switch from Auto toon. Let the blower run for at least 30 minutes until fresh air flows through the register. After all that has been done, turn the air conditioner on. If it works for the next 12 hours then you have finally solved the problem and save money you would have hired a repairer to come to do the work.

If the condenser coils are clogged, the compressor can overheat and shut down. You will experience intermittent periods of minimal cooling. Followed by no cooling. Even if you are sure the condenser coils are clean, clean them again. Turn off the power, after that, gently check the main AC circuits breaker in your electric system and switch the power off at the furnace of your air conditioner. Then finally you clean the condenser you experience a change which would save you a lot.

Replacing your contractor is one cheap and easy fix that would save you money. A contractor is a $25 minimal relay that uses low voltage power from the thermostat to switch 220 volts high amperage current to the compressor and condenser fan. According to research from Homenova, AC contactors can wear out and are at the top of the list of the common air conditioning service failures.

Even if your contractor is working it pays you to replace it every five years or so. Unscrew the old contactors before removing the wires. Then remove the wire to the new unit reinstall the access panel and disconnect block. Turn on the circuit breaker and furnace switch then set the thermostat to a lower temperature and finally wait for your AC to start.

The compressor should run and the compressor fan should spin. If the compressor starts then the fan doesn’t, the fan motor is most likely to shut down. Put off the air conditioner, unscrew the cover the condenser and remove the motor and fan blade. Reinstall the blade and secure the cover then repower the unit and wait for the fan to start.

The basic tools that are always important for a DIY AC repair project can include voltage tester, nut driver, adjustable wrench, needle pliers and insulated screwdrivers.

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