Common Boiler Problems And How To Fix Them

Common Boiler Problems And How To Fix Them

Boilers are commonly used in all kinds of houses big and small. They are also found in commercial buildings and are generally available in various sizes. As the name suggests, a boiler is designed to heat up the water which is then circulated around the house. Most conventional boilers have an appropriately sized tank installed, as well. The water that has been heated up is stored within the tank for use later on.

Common Boiler Problems And How To Fix Them

Due to the temperatures in the country, most people keep their boilers active round the clock, especially during the winter season. If you want to keep your boiler running for long hours without having to worry about major issues, you will need to spend some time and money on maintenance. Problems are likely to arise in your boiler from time to time if it is not properly maintained. Here are some common boiler problems that you are likely to experience, and how to fix these issues.

Boiler Stops Heating Up the Water

A very common issue that you might experience with your boiler is that it stops heating up your water. This is the boiler’s core function, so you can assume that there’s something seriously wrong with one of the many components within the boiler if it stops heating up the water. There can be a number of reasons why your boiler stops functioning, including a broken diaphragm or a blocked airlock.

Lower water levels or a failure of the motorized water valve might also prevent the boiler from heating up the water properly. If that happens, you might want to call a local company that offers emergency boiler repair in Birmingham. The company will send over a heating technician to your place within a few hours, one who will carefully inspect your boiler and quote you a competitive price for the repair work.

Pilot Light Doesn’t Turn On

The pilot light indicates when the boiler is heating up the water. In gas boilers, it’s important that you understand how to ignite the flame underneath the boiler. As soon as it’s lit, the pilot light should come on. Afterward, the boiler itself regulates the flame, diminishing it when the water in the tank reaches its designated temperature.

However, if the pilot light doesn’t turn on, it might have something to do with the thermocouple. A broken thermocouple is often the cause, but you should also check for a build-up of residue within the pilot light. Ideally, you should call a professional heating technician to your place at least once a year to check the boiler carefully and service it thoroughly from top to bottom to avoid such problems.

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